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Mr. Kanuj Bishnoi, is a famous astrologer in Delhi NCR who has established Astrology With Kanuj Bishnoi after his 15 years of experience and extensive delve into Traditional Vedic Astrology. He generally calculate the flow of good and evil effects of planets as per "Desh", "Kaal" and "Patra" according to him, this is a strict and fundamental formula, which should be followed in Astrology. With his scientific approach he gives remedies for evil planets, with which thousands of his clients have been benefitted. He shares his overall experience, views and research with his students while teaching "Advance Professional Predictive Vedic Astrology” course. He has included the below-scribbled things in his courses:

  • To understand the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of the planets through various scientific methods.
  • To balance the inauspiciousness of the planets with Stone remedy, Yantra remedy, Mantra remedy, and with measures of charity {Dhan}.
  • To reduce the power or to give strength to various auspicious and inauspicious planets, by balancing and moderating our daily diet, according to Ayurveda.
  • To increase or decrease the intensity of good and bad effects of planets in our habitat / home as per AstroVaastu.
  • To increase or decrease the intensity of good and evil effects of planets as per Colour Therapy.

Mr. Kanuj Bishnoi takes Vedic Astrology on a pure scientific level. After years of hard work and determination, Mr. Kanuj Bishnoi has formulated a " FIVE RULE THEORY " which has solved hundreds of MYTHS in Predictive Vedic astrology. This theory is strictly based on the first rule of Traditional Vedic Astrology " Desh-Kaal-Patra ". He applies this theory strictly on a pure scientific level in consultancy for clients as well as for teaching his students. But he believes in and follows the basic rules of "Traditional Vedic Astrology" only.